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Loving Lately | April 2020

I intended for this to be a monthly series but the last few have gotten away from me! I'm excited to reinstate Loving Lately as a way to share some things that have been helping me feel a sense of calm and routine as of late.

If you haven't, you can check out January's post here. I hope the ideas in these posts inspire you to try something new or support another small business.



1) Meditation

I'm a big fan of Headspace but it's been nice to switch it up and meditate live with a local teacher, Rebecca Pacheco. I've found her meditations to be great soul food, approachable, and uplifting. She's great at sharing a mini-lesson or a relatable story at the start of each meditation to carry you through the practice. She posts her schedule on Instagram but they are typically weeknights at 8:40PM and saved for 24 hours if you can't make it live.

2) Going for Walks

This has become something I've looked forward to each day. While we've had a lot of rainy spring weather in Boston, the sunny days are glorious for walking and admiring the signs of spring. The air feels fresher, the magnolia trees are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the daffodils and tulips are popping up. I've noticed myself taking in more of what's around me without the added distraction of cars and lots of people, though I miss bustling Boston! Of course, I can't post this without saying it's important to be smart and respectful by maintaining social distance and not going out if you're feeling sick - and to wear a mask or scarf to cover your mouth and nose.

3) Underbares

Let's face it, we're all spending a lot of time in comfy clothes - and if you're one of those that can get fully dressed in jeans and workwear each day, I applaud you. I, however, am not one of you so I decided to treat myself to some new comfy things. Underbares are designed in DC and made in MA. The brand was founded because the owner, Genevieve, wanted to create undergarments that are comfortable, chic, and pared-down. Right now, Underbares is also collecting donations to manufacture non-medical grade masks for those in need.

4) Nothing Fancy Cookbook by Alison Roman

Delicious and inventive yet easy to put together recipes. I just love this cookbook and it's been a great source of cooking inspiration during this time.

5) The Ivy Lee Method

I recently read about the Ivy Lee Method and as I've had a hard time making and sticking to my to-do lists during this time (and I LOVE lists), I decided to give this a try. It's been a good way to prioritize items from my work and personal life each day - because let's face it, they're one in the same right now.

6) The Daily Podcast

The news is overwhelming right now and I've been working over the past 5 weeks to find a better balance with what I consume so that I'm informed without getting too worked up. I've liked listening to this podcast each day as a quick recap of yesterday's most important topics.

7) Slim Leather Card Holder

When I make my very infrequent grocery store trips these days, I like to go with as little as possible since I know I'll be carrying some heavy bags home. The slim card holder has been a great companion for both my husband and I as it fits nicely into our pockets. He carries the taupe and black one and mine is the all-black version.

8) Daily Writing Prompts by Erin Bailey

For me, writing is a good way to sift through my thoughts and make sense of what I'm feeling. Sometimes I don't know where to begin, or even how to translate my emotions into words - especially during this time. I figured I'd give this a try when I saw Erin post about it and it's been a mental game changer. Each day, she sends a prompt via email with questions that can help lead you to getting your thoughts out (an example here).

You can spend as little or as much time as you need and in whatever format works for you. I've experienced it as an open, judgement-free invitation to just start writing and see where it takes me in a time when it can be hard to make sense of my thoughts - or not realize they were there in the first place.

Sign up via the link in her Instagram bio.

9) Knitting

I learned how to knit a few weeks ago with the STIK Quarantine Kit and have since ordered more yarns and chosen some more patterns to try out. You could say I'm obsessed with my new hobby. It's so relaxing and fun to have a creative outlet outside of my work.

10) ZG Studio's Essential Oil Sprays

I love the Focus, Yoga Mat Refresh, and All the ZZZZZ's Sprays. I've been using them for a few months but they've been particularly essential (no pun intended) lately to help me relax and stay healthy! Zoe is local to the Boston area, too!


I hope you enjoyed this list of my 10 most used and loved things as of late. Let me know if you try any out and how you like them!