Loving Lately | January 2020

I've always loved discovering new and interesting brands and products and sharing them with others - just see this journal post and you'll understand why. On a grand scale, this has inspired me to start my own business and dig deep for purpose behind everything I do and bring into my life. Through embarking on this path, I've loved getting to know they why of other brands; what they aim to deliver, who their founders are, what compelled them to start, and how their products are ideated and come to market.

I came up with the idea of introducing a "Loving Lately" journal post on a monthly basis of things I've been turning to lately. I hope these spark some interest in you and inspire you to try something new, whatever that may be.


1) Dudley Stephens Cobble Hill Turtleneck

I just got this in the mail a week ago and I think I've worn it everyday at some point since. It's like wearing a blanket but looking good doing it. I totally understand the hype now! Better yet, it's made from sustainable fleece that's woven from recycled yarn.

2) Rothy's Chelsea Boot

I had been wanting to try Rothy's for.ev.er. and when I realized that I didn't have a comfortable but stylish sneaker-like shoe to wear in the winter, I jumped on these. They were insanely comfortable right out of the box and I wear these - no joke - every single day, especially in this cold New England winter weather. You'd never know that they're made from recycled water bottles - but now you do.

3) Outdoor Voices Workout Clothing

I love Lululemon and Athleta as much as the next person but I was looking to introduce some new workout wear into my wardrobe and had been wanting to try Outdoor Voices for quite awhile, even more so after listening to this episode of How I Built This. There is now a store in Boston so that made it easier to determine sizing too. Each piece I've gotten (the Tech-Sweat Leggings, Doing Things Bra, and Tech-Sweat Crop Top) have held up wonderfully in sweaty indoor cycling classes as well as everyday wear. First time customers get 20% off online so give it a try!

4) Naked Goat Baby Butt Butter

This works so well for reducing blemishes and giving a hydrated glow. Don't knock it till you try it! I was introduced to this brand that is local to my grandparents in Colorado and I've loved all of the products I've tried. Everything is all-natural, too.

5) A Gentleman in Moscow Book

Beautifully written and gave me a (fictional) glimpse into a bit of history that I'm not too familiar with and now want to learn more about. While this isn't action-packed by any means and truthfully took me a bit to get into, I really enjoyed it and recommend if you're looking for a book to get into this winter.

6) Half Baked Harvest's Chicken, Artichoke & Olive Orzo Recipe

It's in the newest cookbook, so you'll need to get that but there are similar recipes (and many mouth-watering others) on halfbakedharvest.com. This is a quick, easy, and super flavorful Mediterranean inspired recipe that we've been making on the regular over the last few months!

7) Yoga With Adriene

I got into at-home yoga over a year ago when I was going through a challenging stage of my life and needed a mental outlet. It's one of the things that restored my hope, mental clarity, and focus and I've been doing it ever since! Each January, Adriene releases a 30 Day Yoga Journey and this year the theme is "HOME." While I'm behind a few days, I've loved every practice that I've done. I’m big into indoor cycling and bootcamp classes which are really hard on my body so setting some time aside to do these at home yoga videos has been a game changer for me. Best part, it's free!

8) Appointed Co. Planner

I loveeee planners and making lists! In all my year's searching for a good planner, I hadn't come across one that functioned quite the way I wanted. Enter, the Appointed Co. Yearly Task Planner. It has everything I need and nothing that I don't. The monthly calendar view is followed by weekly breakouts (in the same section so you don't have to flip back and forth all the time). At the beginning of each month is space to write your goals and important dates to remember. On each weekly page, there is a section to write your priorities, weekly to-do list and notes - as well as space to organize those tasks by day. It's also really pretty and a great size/weight - easy for carrying.

9) Marigold/Mustard Yellow and Cobalt Blue

I keep thinking of ways that I can use these colors in my designs. I’ve been really drawn to them lately! 

10) My Geometric Card Holder

It’s the first piece I ever made for myself and at least a few times a week as I’m using it, I’m reminded of how far this little business has come. It makes me so happy to see you using and loving your Maragold pieces, too.


I hope you enjoyed this list of my 10 most used and loved things as of late. Let me know if you try any out and how you like them!