Meaning Behind the Name & Logo

The Name

While I wanted to incorporate my name into my business somehow, I wanted it to be able to take on its own personality and convey the essence I was after.

I was (what seemed like) one of the lucky few kids that actually liked their name growing up, but let's face it, it has caused much confusion for people my entire life with variations such as: Juliana, Guliana, Giuliana (even though I secretly love this one because it's the Italian spelling), Julieanna, Juliann, Julianne, Julia, Julie, the list goes on. An old coworker came up with "Julianna like banana" and I've adopted that as a quick and easy lesson on how to properly pronounce it.

My middle name is much easier. Mara (pronounced mare-ah) is a variation of my grandmother's name, Mary. She was Irish and its Gaelic meaning is "sea" which I've always felt very inspired by and never want to live far from. 

Gold conveys what I hope this business inspires in others as it has for me; abundance, illumination, love, compassion, courage, and passion. Gold is also believed to illuminate the path to your goal - and for me, Maragold Designs has been one of my biggest.

Blue M Logo

The Logo

The reason I chose the butterfly as a symbolic reference in my logo is because of the meaning it has in my family and the positive meanings associated with it.

When my beloved grandfather passed away, seeing a butterfly felt like a visit from him. Butterflies would appear in the most challenging moments after we lost him as a gentle, light-hearted reminder that we're being guided in the right direction. Every time I see a butterfly, it seems to cross my path at the moments when I need to be reminded to take a step back and evaluate from a different perspective - or just a gentle reassurance that everything is happening as it should.

Butterflies are associated with transformation, endurance, change, and hope. They're a reminder when you're undergoing a big life change to take the leap with grace and bravery. They've also been symbolically used during life celebrations like weddings as the couple transitions into a new journey.

It only felt right to carry the butterfly discreetly closeby on my new path.