Product Spotlight: The Card Holder

I love the versatility of The Card Holder. It can fit in literally any bag you own unless you own some tiny bags then feel free to challenge me on that ;) It can quickly and easily be transferred from bag to bag if you tend to switch it up a lot between work and play!

Front and back views of black and tan leather card holder.

While the concept of a card holder is not my own personal invention, I was first introduced to one a few years ago and it quickly became my go-to for its function, versatility, and ease of use. I appreciate that it only has space for the necessities because that helps lighten my load. No more overstuffed wallets here!

There are a few different card holder styles, differentiating in name based on the design on the back. They are the Geometric Card Holder, the Notch Card Holder, and the Half Moon Card Holder - in that order below.

Back view of black and charcoal gray and black and tan geometric card holders.

Back of four white geometric and notch cardholders.

Front of half moon card holder and back of black and ivory half moon card holder.

I love the extra special touch and functionality of the card slots on the back. Not only does it create an intriguing statement, but it can hold two of your most used cards. Personally, I put my license and Charlie Card (Boston’s transport card) so I can easily tap into the T and be on my way. The front of the card holder is sleek and simple with an envelope closure. Business in the front, party in the back if you will.

Inside you can fit about 8 cards (maybe a few less if you have some folded cash in there too), for a total of 10 cards. The notch cut into the inside creates some more space for you to easily slip your cards in and out. I’ve thought it all through for you because I truly hope it becomes a go-to piece for you and makes your days a little simpler and lighter – literally and figuratively.