Product Spotlight: The Clutch Wallet

I tend to think through my designs extensively in my head before getting them down on paper; imagining different iterations until I settle on what I think will be the final version. From there, I prototype to test angles, usability, measurements, etc. until I reach a design that - without sounding too spiritual here - feels right. I always want what I create to be something you'll reach for again and again because it goes with many things in your wardrobe, makes a classy statement, and has great everyday functionality built in.

The Clutch Wallet seemed to effortlessly embody all of those characteristics. It can be used in your tote bag for a day at work, quickly accessible to run out for lunch. You can easily grab it on your way out the door to run a quick errand, can use it on its own as a clutch for date night or a night on the town with your girlfriends, and can even dress it up for weddings and other events.

White clutch wallet being held with a glass of wine at a wedding and white clutch wallet on gold table.

My personal favorite way to use it, due to my love of traveling, is to hold all of my travel essentials in my carry on bag. It perfectly fits all the cards and cash you'll need for your trip along with your passport and boarding pass. Anyone else haphazardly throw their ID/passport and boarding pass into the black hole of their carry on when going through security or am I on my own here?

White clutch wallet with tote, sandals and jacket and interior of white and beige clutch wallet

Functionality aside, let's talk about the materials and process. The clutch wallet was the very first thing I made and got that feeling that it would become a sellable product. I love the minimal, clean, sophisticated exterior and the pop of color and texture when you open it to expose the Portuguese wool. The functionality can't be beat and it truly feels like a unique and special piece that screams Maragold. Each one is a labor of love, taking about 2 hours to cut, glue, machine stitch the wool interior, hand stitch the leather, and finish the edges.

The black, white, and taupe clutch wallets are made from lux Italian vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany. Simply put, it's some of the best of the best - and I only want the best for you. You can read more about vegetable tanned leather here. It's the type of leather that will show marks, develop a patina as it ages, and become softer and more supple the more you use it. It truly inherits a part of your story and develops a unique personal expression that you'll fall more in love with every time you use it.

Interior of black and tan clutch wallet taken from above with front and back views.

Vegetable tanned leather is tanned with natural tannins found in plants and no chemicals are used in the making of it. The leather is by-product of the food industry and it decomposes at the end of its lifecycle like any organic material. And it's from Italy which is a huge (biased) plus for me. If you haven't guessed it already, I have an incurable obsession with Italy. It's where I discovered my love for leathercraft, learned more about myself and gained confident independence, and is part of my heritage. And the food is really good too...

The wool on the inside is there not only for aesthetic purposes but because of its flexibility, durability, and to protect your items from scratching. I elaborate on the history a bit here. It's fascinating and given the industry's recent "comeback" I really feel honored and lucky to be one of the designers that figuratively (and literally if I could) bellows their love for it from the mountain tops.

The Clutch Wallet is a gem. I hope you love it as much as I do and that it becomes a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. Be sure to share (#mymaragold) how you use it once you've snagged one yourself!