Product Spotlight: The Envelope Pouch

The hand-stitched envelope pouch resembles the clutch wallet in design but without the card slots. It’s meant to be a “carry-all” – a central command center for your tote bag. I developed the envelope pouch after purchasing the slate blue leather because I wanted a good way to show off both beautiful sides of it. The top side is an elegantly distressed slate blue color which varies from piece to piece and the underside is an ethereal light blue-gray. This leather is less rigid than the vegetable tanned leathers I have been using for the clutch wallets and card holders, therefore it’s a great option for a casual piece like this.

Blue Leather Envelope Pouch with Handkerchief and Bracelet

What I love most about the envelope pouch is its simplicity and versatility. The design itself is intentionally minimal, like all of my designs, to let the beauty and uniqueness of the material shine and make its own statement. The single pocket interior can hold whatever you choose whether it’s your tote bag essentials, make up (though I’d be very careful with the nubuck interior because you won’t get makeup stains out of it – fair warning!), or on its own as a clutch.

Envelope Pouch with Contents Inside

It can deceptively hold so much more than you might think without losing its shape; smartphone, headphones, lipstick, card holder, perfume, passport, pens, you name it and the envelope pouch will hold it. I love seeing and hearing how you’ve been using your pouches. So far I've seen the pouch frolic around NYC, enjoy a day out in Rhode Island and a night out in Boston and Cape Cod. Keep sending your pictures my way!

To be honest, at first I was surprised at how much love this pouch has gotten and I only had one in my inventory. I love it – that’s why I made it – but I just thought it might be too simple and I wasn’t sure how it would do. However, as we all know, simple is best sometimes and can make a statement all its own by letting the materials speak for themselves, which this sure has.

The one pouch I had got snatched up literally at 12 PM when my site went live. I knew that there were going to be some disappointed people given the interest expressed when I posted about it. So, I got right to work trying to track down more of that beautiful blue leather and luckily was able to get my hands on some. The envelope pouch continues to be a statement-maker and has been one of the bestsellers to date… of my 1.5 months in business! Let’s see how the days ahead go, but I’ve got a good feeling this isn’t going anywhere.

Thanks for loving it as much as I do and proving my initial uncertainty wrong!

Blue and White Styled Envelope Pouch