Product Spotlight: The Tassel Key Chain

Here I present to you, a little pop of fun for your key ring(!) and an easier way to spot your keys at the bottom of your bag. I’d had the idea for a tassel in my head for a bit but wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted to execute it. After thinking through the construction, I sat down with some scraps of leather to test one out. The result was love at first sight!

Tassel and wallet combinations at cafe with coffee and computer.

The tassel keychain makes me feel momentary joy in my soul every time I pull it out to use it. It’s playful but sophisticated, unique and statement-making, and embodies the Maragold style with its textural contrast and color blocking effect. I can see myself getting very carried away with all of the possible combinations but I’ve shown (a bit of) constraint with 7 color combinations to start…

A few styles (Teal Shimmer, Blush Shimmer, Blush & Tan, Blush & Charcoal Gray) feature leather that shimmers on the underside and it was so fun to incorporate a splash of sparkle with the sophisticated and sleek tones and textures I’ve been using. The gray combo tassel makes a statement on your key ring with varying tones of gray with pops of black and white while the pebbled gray tassel is a classic combination of pebbled leather and wool. The bordeaux tassel is one of a kind because I was only able to snag the smallest bit of this beautifully rich colored leather.

White and gray clutch wallet with gray combo tassel and black, white, and gray accessories paired together.

It has been so much fun playing around with different combinations of tassels, wallets, and card holders and I love seeing which ones you choose. Here is some inspiration both from customer orders and my own experimenting with different combos.

White and beige clutch wallet with blush and white tassel keychain.Black clutch wallet, white card holder and gray combo tassel keychain with black embossed clutch wallet and card holder with teal keychain.