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Product Spotlight: Wool Fringe Pouch

When I visited London in September, I had my sights set on visiting a few shops and markets known for textiles and haberdashery; a British term for "small items used in sewing, such as buttons, zippers, and thread; notions." It just so happened that our apartment was only a five minute walk from one of the shops - THE shop that I discovered THE wool fringe that I'm pretty sure we have all come to love.

Wool Fringe Pouch Close Up Photos


I walked into the shop, beautiful fabrics lining the walls, floor to ceiling, and was immediately drawn in. I could have spent all day there. In the back, on the big work table used for cutting material, was a basket filled with colorfully eye-catching wool fringe bundles.

For purposes of up-cycling, producing more responsibly, and to lean into the concept of conscious consumption, I love that the wool trim is actually selvage (the cut edges of larger pieces of fabric). I also love that it's made from wool and that each piece is different, enabling me to challenge myself by creating multiple designs with different personalities. I only took three bundles home with me and I wish I took the whole basket!

Wool Fringe Pouches Arranged in an Arch


The second I spotted the fringe I knew I wanted it to be on a pouch accessory and I knew that it would complement the wool I already use beautifully. The fringe zip pouches are also the first item I've offered that are both made entirely from wool and zip closed! Each pouch was made one-by-one, choosing the zipper colors, thread colors, wool colors, exact piece of wool fringe, and hand-embossing and hand-stitching the leather logo.

Camel & Gray Wool Fringe Pouch Product Image

"Medium" in size, the pouches hold much more than you'd expect just looking at them. On a recent trip, I used my pouch in my carry-on bag to hold all of the things that would have otherwise floated around in the black hole like: phone charger, phone, headphones, pen, chapstick, card holder, tassel keychain, Advil, hand lotion, hair elastics, and my computer charger (yes!!).

They've received such a great response and I can't wait to incorporate more pieces like this into my assortment. It truly makes me so happy that the wool pouches are so well-loved as the juxtaposition of leather and wool is something that I believe distinguishes the Maragold style. I can't wait to see how the collection continues to evolve!

If you're interested in grabbing one for yourself, there are only TWO left (as of 12/17) and free shipping in time for Christmas ends tomorrow.

Update: These pouches are sold out, but you may shop a similar style here. The wool check detail came from this same shop in London!