Some Ideas For Shopping Smaller This Holiday Season

Ever since launching my business, I've become more aware than ever the impact that my dollars have. There are of course a multitude of ways to support small businesses and today I'd like to share some small, local, women-owned businesses that I love and am excited to add to my list (be it for myself or others) this year. If you know of other amazing small businesses (wherever you are), please do reach out - I'd love to share!

"Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want." - Anna Lappe

Pearl Clutch Wallet on Furry Blanket


    Accessories & Clothing

    • Addison Bay - A (woman-owned) multi-brand destination for women's activewear. Basically a one-stop shop for fitness and athleisure clothing based in Philadelphia. If you're like me and feel overwhelmed and sometimes frustrated by the incredible number of fitnesswear options out there, take a look at Addison Bay's curated selection!
    • Maragold Designs - sorry, had to. Who doesn't love a new leather accessory?! If you need help choosing the perfect gift, I'm happy (and excited!) to help you pick a gift for someone special in your life.
    • Ser Verde Shoes - Based in Boston, Ser Verde has sandals and espadrilles that are handcrafted in Spain. The rubber, jute, and leather all comes from Spain, too. The sandals come in a range of colors and while I don't yet have a pair myself, I've been really wanting some for when the weather warms back up.... in 6 months...
    • Sh*t That I Knit - Beautiful, high quality knit accessories made from merino wool. The company is based in Boston and employs women in Peru who wouldn't otherwise be able to have a job outside of the home! They also have men's and kids hats - something for the whole family. I have the Motley Beanie on my list this year... now which color to choose?!
    • Sourcery Label - I was introduced to Sourcery Label in a sustainable shopping panel that I attended at For Now (another spot you need to check out!!) a few weeks ago. These WASHABLE - let me repeat that - silk garments are responsibly made from Mulberry Silk from an area of China where silk production originated 5,000 years ago. Each design is sophisticated, stylish and would make a great staple to add to any wardrobe this holiday season.
    • Tallulah & Poppy - Meg's designs are handmade in the US (win!) and are designed to be timeless and versatile but with contemporary flair. Another plus, the garments are ethically made.


    • Britt Fabello - I was able to meet Britt in London a few months ago when we visited and pick up our new piece of art in person. I truly have no words for how beautiful, intricate, thoughtfully made, and unique Britt's artwork is. Her pieces are inspired by her travels which just speaks to me! How special would it be to gift a piece of artwork to someone special in your life?


    • E. Boiardi Studio - Gorgeous handpainted ceramics pieces inspired by Shagreen & Stingray in a variety of styles and beautiful colors. This is sure to be a special and unique gift for anyone on your list, I've never come across anything like Elena's work and am so happy her business was shared with me!
    • Evermore Paper Co. - I have an undying obsession with notebooks. At any given time, I have 3-4 in use and as many sealed and ready to be broken into. I guess I'm a little old-fashioned in my preference towards handwriting things but there's something so meaningful and intentional about putting pen to paper. Everyone can use a pretty notebook or stationary and Evermore has some beautiful, modern designs that put me at ease just looking at them!
    • Moglea - More gorgeous, handmade stationary and paper goods from Iowa. I die a little over every single, artful design and can't wait to add one to my coveted notebook collection.
    • Sewcialite - I've been following Roula on Instagram for awhile now and not only is she always upbeat and positive, her beautiful rope designs are unique and inspired by New England (she's based in NH). Being a mother and also working a full time job, she inspires me for sure! I've been eyeing the woven bowls, hanging baskets, and planters to add a little New England touch to our home.


        • Katie Bartels - Katie makes bold, colorful, statement jewelry by hand in NYC. Not only is her jewelry fun and beautiful, but she has been an incredibly supportive fellow business owner since my launch earlier this year! I've been personally trying to choose which tortoise shell earrings I want for far too long now because I love them all (one of each?) - and she's just added some metallic and jewel tone styles to the mix that are only further complicating my decision.
        • Margaret Elizabeth - Meg got her start in Boston and now has a shop in San Francisco which I was happily able to visit a few days ago when there! Her pieces are handcrafted by a family-run team of artisans in Jaipur, India using semi-precious stones and 24K gold overlay. Some of my favorites (very into dainty jewelry) are the Harbour Hoops, Teardrop Hoops, Pink Opal Hoops, and 16 Stone Bangle.
        • Mary Bret - Beautiful, colorful, statement-making tassel earrings made right here in Boston! I love the turquoise and olive green combo and all of the metallics.
        • Shepherd's Run - Based in Somerville, Rebecca creates minimal, modern and beautiful jewelry. I'm a big fan of mixing metals and she does it effortlessly - case in point, the Half & Half Halo Drop earrings, Half & Half Hex Studs, and the Movement Drop earrings. Everything she makes is simple but statement making though, you really can't go wrong!


          • Naked Goat Farm - Based in Elbert, CO, they make products with no chemicals, synthetic materials, or GMO's. All ingredients are natural, fair trade, and sustainable. Since your body absorbs anything you put on it, it's pretty important to be mindful of the ingredients in your body products! I use and love the Lavender & Lime Goat Milk Lotion, soap bars, Shimmer Balm in Rose Gold, facial toner, Under Eye & Tea Tree/Eucalyptus Roller Balls, and Baby Butt Butter (YES - this stuff is amazing on your face I've come to discover, don't knock it till you try it).
          • ZG Studio - A longtime family friend introduced me to Zoe's business. I've been interested in introducing some essential oils into my life for quite some time so I was excited to learn about her! I'm particularly interested in the All the ZZZZZs, Focus, and Yoga Mat Refresh sprays - sensing a theme here. Anyways, I think these could be some great items for anyone on your list. Who doesn't need a little pick-me-up and relaxation every now and then? Plus, they are free from toxins and harsh chemicals and can offer many health benefits.


          • For Now - A shop in Boston (and Wellesley for the holidays) that features up-and-coming female-owned e-commerce brands, giving them a platform to be discovered beyond the interwebs. Therefore, everything in this store satisfies my shop smaller, more local, women-focused requirements this Christmas. Check out their amazing list of brands on their site - or better yet, stop into the store if you're in the Boston area!
          • Kind Goods - Unfortunately, I haven't made it to Michelle's shop in Maynard, MA yet because city-living-no-car problems, but she's opening a new store in Cambridge in a few weeks that I'm super excited to visit! I've been following her shop on social media and love absolutely everything she curates. Her shop features makers and artisans from New England so you're bound to find something special!
          • Olives and Grace - A local South End shop with a great selection of products from local makers and emerging brands! They also make gift boxes if you can't choose just one thing. I particularly love the BOSTON sweater, any ceramics they carry (they're always gorgeous), and their pantry items.
          • Niche - A South End shop that is always bursting with cheerful plants and containers. This would be the perfect spot to select a gift for any plant-lover on your list. I've come here myself a few times for gifts and their always well-loved!

          Happy Shopping!