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Product Spotlight: Half Moon Clutch

The Half Moon Clutch is available in three rich and neutral tones: Classic Black, Taupe, and Bordeaux. It's hand-stitched from Italian vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany and is finished with a simple silver clasp detail. The intentionally minimal, clean design allows for the materials to stand out - especially as the naturally-treated leather develops a beautiful patina with use over time. It's similar in size to the Leather Envelope Clutch but differs in that it is made from smooth vegetable tanned leather and has a slip pocket inside. The Half Moon Clutch is intended to be used on its own - carry or tuck under your arm for an effortlessly accessorized outfit for a day or night out. It safely carries your essentials while making...

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Product Spotlight: The Envelope Clutch

The hand-stitched blue leather envelope clutch resembles the clutch wallet in design but without the card slots. It’s meant to be a “carry-all” – a central command center for your tote bag that also looks beautiful on its own. I developed the envelope clutch after purchasing the soft and supple slate blue leather as I wanted to create something that would highlight off both sides of it. The top side is an elegantly distressed slate blue color which varies from piece to piece and the underside is an ethereal light blue-gray.   What I love most about the envelope clutch is its simplicity and versatility. The design itself is intentionally minimal, like all of my designs, to let the beauty and uniqueness of the material shine and make...

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