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Product Spotlight: Slim Leather Card Holder

The Slim Card Holder was designed to be compact and able to easily fit in the pocket of your pants, jacket, or bag for maximum functionality and accessibility. After receiving much interest in a men's design, I thought up this unisex style with clean lines and a slim silhouette that would appeal to any minimalist. After all, versatility and purpose are two important considerations in the design of Maragold goods. Hand-stitched from durable Italian vegetable tanned leather, this card holder will age beautifully and develop a rich patina and soften with use. The neutral, classic shades come together and create a modern interest with the contrasting sides and layered effect on the edges. Once it has been broken in, you can comfortably fit...

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Product Spotlight: Half Moon Clutch

The Half Moon Clutch is available in three rich and neutral tones: Classic Black, Taupe, and Bordeaux. It's hand-stitched from Italian vegetable tanned leather from Tuscany and is finished with a simple silver clasp detail. The intentionally minimal, clean design allows for the materials to stand out - especially as the naturally-treated leather develops a beautiful patina with use over time. It's similar in size to the Leather Envelope Clutch but differs in that it is made from smooth vegetable tanned leather and has a slip pocket inside. The Half Moon Clutch is intended to be used on its own - carry or tuck under your arm for an effortlessly accessorized outfit for a day or night out. It safely carries your essentials while making...

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Product Spotlight: Wool Fringe Pouch

When I visited London in September, I had my sights set on visiting a few shops and markets known for textiles and haberdashery; a British term for "small items used in sewing, such as buttons, zippers, and thread; notions." It just so happened that our apartment was only a five minute walk from one of the shops - THE shop that I discovered THE wool fringe that I'm pretty sure we have all come to love.   I walked into the shop, beautiful fabrics lining the walls, floor to ceiling, and was immediately drawn in. I could have spent all day there. In the back, on the big work table used for cutting material, was a basket filled with colorfully eye-catching wool...

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Product Spotlight: The Envelope Clutch

The hand-stitched blue leather envelope clutch resembles the clutch wallet in design but without the card slots. It’s meant to be a “carry-all” – a central command center for your tote bag that also looks beautiful on its own. I developed the envelope clutch after purchasing the soft and supple slate blue leather as I wanted to create something that would highlight off both sides of it. The top side is an elegantly distressed slate blue color which varies from piece to piece and the underside is an ethereal light blue-gray.   What I love most about the envelope clutch is its simplicity and versatility. The design itself is intentionally minimal, like all of my designs, to let the beauty and uniqueness of the material shine and make...

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Product Spotlight: The Tassel Keychain

Here I present to you, a little pop of fun for your key ring(!) and an easier way to spot your keys at the bottom of your bag. I’d had the idea for a tassel in my head for a bit but wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted to execute it. After thinking through the construction, I sat down with some scraps of leather to test one out. The result was love at first sight! The tassel keychain makes me feel momentary joy every time I pull it out to use it. It’s playful but sophisticated, unique and statement-making, and embodies the Maragold style with its textural contrast and color blocking effect. I can see myself getting very carried away...

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