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How Maragold Came to Be

After having lost touch with my creative side during university and for many years after, I felt disconnected from a sense of purpose and unfulfilled by my career. For months before recharting my course, I'd felt burnt out and what I recognize now as depressed, so I decided to take a step back for my mental health and let curiosity lead the way as I worked hard to feel like myself again.

During that period, I started doing yoga and meditation, picked up a journal and realized I enjoyed writing, took a calligraphy workshop to get out of the house and do something creative, tested out a lot of new recipes and....

While decluttering in an effort to start fresh, I was cleaning out an old computer and came across a business plan I'd put together for a leather goods business while studying in Florence, Italy in 2012.

Something clicked in that moment.

I signed myself and my mom up for a leather workshop in Boston and fell in love with working with leather. That resulted in researching day and night when I eventually came across Lineapelle which was happening in NYC a couple of weeks later. I applied for a ticket on a whim not thinking they'd give me one because I didn't have a business set up yet, but they did. And so I went with the intention of figuring out if I wanted to go down this path. Being there felt so right and I left with so much excitement for what could be.

Lineapelle is an Italian leather show and many of the exhibitors there were from Tuscany - where I'd written that half page business plan and fallen in love with Italy and the idea of working with leather in the first place. My time there instilled in my an appreciation for the craftsmanship and artisan tradition of leather working and suddenly, my path had come full circle.

My advice - and the mantra that I've lived by since I left my corporate job in 2018 - is do it scared. You'll never have all of the answers from the start but let your curiosity lead the way and you'll uncover them as you go.