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Maragold Travels: Puglia Photo Collection

As you've likely read by now, Puglia is the place that I keep coming back to as inspiration for my first collection of products. I only found it fitting to share with you some photographs of our time there with a brief introduction to the region as we experienced it! My husband and I chose Puglia and Matera (which I will share in a separate post) in the Basilicata region as our honeymoon destination because of it's proximity to the ocean, its location in Italy.... and its relaxed atmosphere. It felt like the perfect combination of things we wished for in a honeymoon: great food, relaxation, time by the ocean, a little bit of sightseeing, and seeing a new place. We...

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Product Spotlight: The Tassel Keychain

Here I present to you, a little pop of fun for your key ring(!) and an easier way to spot your keys at the bottom of your bag. I’d had the idea for a tassel in my head for a bit but wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted to execute it. After thinking through the construction, I sat down with some scraps of leather to test one out. The result was love at first sight! The tassel keychain makes me feel momentary joy every time I pull it out to use it. It’s playful but sophisticated, unique and statement-making, and embodies the Maragold style with its textural contrast and color blocking effect. I can see myself getting very carried away...

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Product Spotlight: The Card Holder

I love the versatility of The Card Holder. It can fit in any bag you own unless you own some tiny bags then feel free to challenge me on that! It can quickly and easily be transferred from bag-to-bag if you tend to switch it up a lot between work and play. I personally first started using a card holder few years ago and it quickly became my go-to for its function, versatility, and ease of use. I appreciate that it only has space for the necessities because that helps lighten my load and no ones shoulders like a heavy bag. No more overstuffed wallets here!     I love the extra special touch and functionality of the wool card slots...

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Lineapelle New York, January 2019

Yes - we have here an extensive recap from an event I attended 7 months ago but given that this is the first day of Lineapelle Winter 2020, I was reminded of how much of an impact attending this two-day show had on my confidence to jump full-fledged into Maragold Designs. Lineapelle is a show that exhibits the "latest trends in leather, textiles and synthetics, accessories and components for shoes, handbags, leather goods, and leatherwear." The main event is in Milan but there are smaller shows in NY and London, twice a year to showcase Summer and Winter trends for the following year. Rewind to when I had my middle of the night lightbulb moment in December 2018 to start a leather goods...

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Product Spotlight: The Clutch Wallet

I tend to think through my designs extensively in my head before getting them down on paper; imagining different iterations until I settle on what I think will be the final version. From there, I prototype to test angles, usability, measurements, etc. until I reach a design that feels right. I always want the leather goods I create to be something you'll reach for again and again because it goes with many things in your wardrobe, makes a classy statement, and has great everyday functionality built in, too. The Clutch Wallet is one of the most versatile Maragold Designs pieces. It can be used in your tote bag for a day at work, quickly accessible to run out for lunch. You can easily grab...

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