Wool Fringe Pouch
Wool Fringe Pouch

Wool Fringe Pouch

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The wool fringe detail on the Burel zip pouches was found at a haberdashery shop in London and the second I saw it, the idea for these pouches was born.

Each wool zip pouch is handmade to be one-of-a-kind. Colors, design, and wool detail were all meticulously chosen to create a unique and versatile wool pouch. Great to use on its own, in a tote bag, carry-on or as a toiletry bag. The pouch is unlined but due to the durability and easy maintenance of the wool, it is tough as can be!

Please note: This is the last and only wool fringe pouch available.

7" H x 10.5" D

Pure woven and felted wool from Portugal

Wool fringe detail from England

Hand-stitched embossed leather label

Handmade in Boston