Blush leather glasses sleeve paired with confetti tassel keychain, confetti zip pouch and taupe leather card holder.

The Best Accessories for Back to School, Back to the Office and Back Out Into the World This Fall

Fall is my favorite season - though I'm not wishing away summer just yet. I love the crispness in the air, the cozy outfits, the natural colors and the sense of a fresh start. To me, it always feels like a new beginning coming off of the slower paced days of summer. At the start of the season, I like to take stock of things and settle back into a routine. Fall is also my favorite time to travel - you still get the warm, comfortable weather but with fewer crowds.

Living in a small space, I always take the opportunity at the start of a new season to switch over and evaluate my wardrobe. I donate or repurpose the items that no longer serve me, polish and clean up any accessories that need some TLC, put together outfit ideas in my head from pieces I rediscover after being tucked away for the last couple of months, and make note of any gaps or items that need replacing.

I prefer to have fewer, versatile pieces that I care more about and wear for longer than an abundance of trendy items that only last a season.

This is also the approach I take with Maragold. So, I thought I would share some of the best pieces to introduce into your wardrobe this fall for back to school, back to the office, back to social gatherings and events - that will last you well beyond November.

Blush and Taupe Leather and Confetti Wool Accessories

 1. Geometric Leather Card Holder

For minimizing what you carry on a daily basis and lessening that handbag bulk. I love the Geometric Leather Card Holder because it holds a lot of cards (around 12-15 once the leather has broken in) but keeps everything accessible. There are even two slots on the back, perfect for your most used cards. This is where I like to keep my ID and the card that I tap on and off the tube with.

Alternatively, if you prefer to pay with cash, you can use the interior pocket for folded bills and coins while still carrying a card or two in the slots on the back.

Taupe Geometric Leather Card Holder in Jeans Pocket

2. Slim Leather Card Holder

This compact leather card holder is a minimal and sleek unisex design and great for those that like to carry their wallets in their pockets or only need to have a few essential cards on hand. It has one slot on each side and another in the middle, holding around 5-6 cards.

The leather softens and ages beautifully taking on a glossy patina and comes in 4 different colors. Between this and the Geometric Leather Card Holder, you'll have found your new everyday wallet - it just depends on what your needs and preferences are.

Black and Taupe Slim Leather Card Holder in Pocket

3. Leather Key Fob & Tassel Keychain

The little accessory that you never thought you needed but that adds both a touch of personality and function to your everyday.

The leather key fob has a practical loop design, making your keys easier to hold when your hands are full or grab and throw in your pocket to run a quick errand. It is handstitched from Italian vegetable tanned leather meaning that it will also age beautifully, especially being something that you touch and carry multiple times everyday.

On the other hand is the playful tassel keychain which is quite simply a joy. It also acts as a useful beacon on your keyring to help you find your keys at the bottom of your bag and adds a unique touch of personality to your suite of everyday accessories.

Black Leather Key Fob in Door Lock

4. Glasses Sleeve

The glasses sleeve isn't just for the summertime. It's a piece that will function all year-round as a safe spot to store your sunglasses and/or eyeglasses. It's especially useful to keep on hand if you wear glasses and regularly swap between pairs.

The handstitched glasses sleeve makes a handsome desk accessory, fits nicely in a small handbag or jacket pocket, or even in the cupholder or door of your car. In other words, it goes wherever you go.

Black Leather Glasses Sleeves with Sunglasses Inside

5. Wool Zip Pouches

Probably the most versatile piece in the entire Maragold collection. The wool zip pouch can be carried on its own, used as a cosmetics or toiletry bag, in a carry-on bag to store your travel essentials, in a larger tote or backpack to keep your bits and bobs secure, etc. etc. 

The options really are endless and the zipper pouches come in two useful sizes. The smaller pouch fits inside the larger one and the various color options mean you can also have fun mixing and matching to create your own unique set.

Wheat Stripe Wool Zip Pouches on White Mantle

6. Wool Shopper Tote Bag

A relaxed yet sophisticated everyday bag with ample room to carry everything you need. The wool shopper is lightweight and easily packable as it folds nicely, doesn't wrinkle easily and any light creasing can simply be steamed or ironed out.

The tote comes in two beautiful colors: natural and versatile Wheat and playful (but still neutral) speckled Confetti.

Wheat Wool Shopper Tote Bag in Sunlight


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