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After having lost touch with my creative side during university and for many years after, I felt disconnected from a sense of purpose and unfulfilled by my career. While cleaning out an old computer, I came across a business plan that I’d put together for a leather goods business while studying in Florence, Italy in 2012. Something clicked in that moment and Maragold Designs was born. My time in Italy instilled an appreciation in me for the craftsmanship and artisan tradition of leather working and suddenly, my path had come full circle.

Julianna Cassata, Founder of Maragold Designs

Founder, Julianna Cassata designs and brings to life leather and wool accessories and bags to elevate, accompany and simplify your everyday. Combining leather with wool using both hand-stitching and machine-stitching techniques, she creates modern, minimal pieces that are texturally rich with a touch of whimsy. 

Through the reinterpretation of traditional materials and processes, come pieces that will stand the test of time in style, durability and functionality. Using high quality materials means that the character will be enhanced over time as you use your leather and wool pieces.

Julianna is profoundly influenced by her surroundings and therefore takes much inspiration from places she’s visited. The thoughtfully sourced fabrics and leathers are one way in which she translates this inspiration into her designs. Burel wool, which Julianna came across on a trip to Portugal, distinguishes Maragold Designs and comes from a small, recently revived factory that uses equipment from the 19th century in order to preserve the traditional artisan technique and skills behind this beautiful material.

Every piece is made-to-order or handcrafted in small batches in keeping with slow fashion practices that limit waste and overproduction. Your Maragold designs are lovingly created in Julianna's small home studio in London.


Every time you carry Maragold, my hope is that you’re reminded to approach whatever comes your way with joy, curiosity, sense of adventure and purpose – just as I have encountered in the creation of these pieces.