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 Handcrafted bags and accessories designed to accompany, elevate and simplify your everyday.

Close up of handstitched process close up
I’m Julianna Cassata, the founder of Maragold Designs, a small, luxury everyday accessories brand based in London.

I design and create each and every bag and accessory by hand from a selection of carefully sourced, beautiful quality materials, using both traditional hand-stitching and machine stitching processes. ‘Quality over quantity’ is at the heart of everything I create through an emphasis on functionality, minimal design, the reinterpretation of timeless materials, and intentionally small batch production to limit waste and promote conscious consumption.

While I use a variety of materials including pure silk, linen and deadstock leathers, I work primarily with Italian vegetable tanned leathers from Tuscany, which are a by-product of the food industry, and Burel wool which I love for its story that is just as rich as it is to the touch. Together, these natural materials are wonderfully tactile, reliably durable and will stand the test of time developing even richer character as they are used.

I’m truly fascinated by the limitless possibilities of leather and wool to be used in the creation of longer lasting everyday pieces. My sincerest hope is that each Maragold design is more than just a functional piece for its wearer but that it also brings about a sense of joy and curiosity and inspires a mindset of quality over quantity - just as I have encountered in their creation.

My appreciation for handcrafted leather goods began in 2012 in Florence, Italy, a city renowned for leather production.

It was there where I created a short business plan for a leather goods brand that I came across while clearing out an old computer in 2018. I'd completely forgotten about the idea but in finding it, something clicked. Discovering it re-ignited a determination to create something of my own and was a combination of things that most excite me: special, quality-made goods, European style and zest for life, anything and everything Italian, art and design, and my longstanding dream of starting a small, boutique business.

Maragold was born from my desire to get back in touch with my creativity and pivot my career to build something of my own. Something I feel proud of and something I care deeply about. I simply love creating things with my own two hands and it brings me immense joy to see Maragold welcomed into your everyday.