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Where are your products made and what are they made of?

I currently design and hand make everything in Boston from genuine leather and pure Burel wool. I take great care and pride in finding the best quality materials that will last for years to come and source from producers that have responsible, ethical standards.

You can learn more about our materials here.


We have always had and always will have an obsession with quality and truly believe that the enduring beauty and functionality of our products is centered around what they're made with and who they're made by. Due to the organic nature of both leather and wool, each piece is innately unique. Both materials are very durable and meant to last, however can be susceptible to wear and tear as with any well-loved piece in your wardrobe.

Leather is an organic material that should be cared for and looked after over time. Please be aware that pointy/sharp objects can scratch the surface of the leather (especially more naturally processed vegetable tanned leather which many of our wallets are made from) and it is advised to take caution with things like keys floating around your bag! To keep your leather goods safe, we recommend putting your wallet in a separate compartment from anything that could harm it. 

That said, leather ages over time. This natural aging process is expected and not viewed as a defect! We love that each piece develops its own look over time based on how you live your life and use it. It makes it truly unique to you and adds to the character. Given the hand made nature of both the materials and the products themselves, no two pieces will look exactly the same.

Please find some helpful care instructions below to keep your piece looking beautiful and aging gracefully!

how do i care for the leather?

You can utilize a soft, clean, dry cloth to remove any small bits of dust or dirt. Otherwise, leather conditioner will help to revitalize the appearance of vegetable tanned leather and also help smooth out any light scratching or stains. The cadence at which you condition depends on how much you use your bag, what it has been exposed to, and your personal preferences. It is best to avoid excessive direct sunlight, exposure to rain and water and oil-based substances as these can stain the leather. Please arrange for professional cleaning for stubborn stains.

To apply conditioner, use a very small amount and a clean, dry cloth and buff in circles. Let the leather sit to absorb the conditioner and then use a clean cloth to buff dry. The color may darken after conditioning, this is normal. Please test a small, inconspicuous area before applying all over and do not apply leather conditioner to nubuck or wool.

how do i care for wool products?

Lint rollers are best to remove any unwanted dust or dry stains from the surface of the wool. For other staining, you can simply use a damp cloth to wipe the wool clean as water will not damage the wool; however water will stain vegetable tanned leather so refrain from getting the leather wet.

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Due to the handmade nature and natural production processes behind both leather and wool that we use, natural variations and color inconsistencies may present themselves. We do our best to portray products on our website as accurately as possible but recognize that you may have additional inquiries. To read more about the materials we use, please refer here if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us for support.

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