Materials & Product Care

What Is Burel Wool?

Burel wool adds a special touch of character unique to Maragold and has become a distinction of the brand for its texture, durability, rich history.

It's one of those things you discover and need to find a way to use. I first came across this woven wool fabric on a trip to Portugal in 2016, two years before Maragold would be brought to life.

Burel comes from a small factory that went bankrupt due to the rise of synthetic materials in the 60’s and was only recently revived in the early 2000’s. The revival has helped preserve an ancestral, artisan heritage in the region and restored jobs to the remote, mountainous area. With a great respect for nature, the factory has very high sustainability standards, zero waste policy and works with local shepherds whose sheep graze in the mountains, are treated well and are sheared manually. It's story is just as rich as it is to the touch and that's what I love about it.

It's a versatile, easy-care wool fabric that originates as protection from the elements for shepherds in the mountains. It repels dirt, has thermal and water repellent properties, elastic memory and is fire and abrasion resistant making it an extremely durable material - hence great for creating everyday accessories and bags.

Maragold Designs is honored to showcase the heritage of this incredible textile and advocate for the re-growth of this region's industry.

What Makes Each Piece Unique?

I always have and always will have an obsession with quality and truly believe that the enduring beauty and functionality of my products is centered around what they're made with and who they're made by.

Due to the organic nature of both leather and wool, each piece is innately unique. Both materials are very durable and meant to last as they are handmade in small factories where artisan skills are passed down through generations.

Your leather and wool pieces will age as you wear them creating beautiful character unique to how you use and love your Maragold Designs. The natural aging process of vegetable tanned leather is one of its highly sought after qualities and factors into its timeless appeal.

Given the hand made nature of both the materials and the products themselves, no two pieces will look exactly the same and natural variation may occur from the images you see here. Please find some helpful care instructions below to keep your piece looking beautiful and aging gracefully!

Where Is Everything Made?

Each piece is thoughtfully designed and handmade in my studio in London. I utilize both hand-stitching and machine-stitching techniques to bring my designs to life using the best quality leathers, Burel wool, and occasionally, other carefully sourced textiles such as linen and silk. Leather card holders, clutches, key accessories and bags are all hand-stitched and take many hours to complete, therefore resulting in a unique piece made especially for you.

How to Care For Vegetable Tanned Leather

Leather is an organic material that should be cared for and looked after over time. Vegetable tanned leather, which is used for a majority of Maragold pieces, only gets better with time. It will develop a beautiful patina and personality over time unique to how you use your piece. If your leather wallet, clutch or bag gets scratched, don't fret as the surface of the leather will continue evolving through use and exposure to elements like the oils from your skin, sunlight, heat and humidity. Patina is one of the most highly regarded characteristics of vegetable tanned leathers.

It is recommended to use a leather conditioner on vegetable tanned leather every 4-6 months to keep the leather looking its best and wearing evenly. Apply with a soft, dry, clean cloth and please test a small, inconspicuous area before applying all over. Leather conditioner should not be applied to nubuck or distressed leathers.

It is best to avoid excessive direct sunlight, exposure to rain and oil-based substances as these can stain the leather. Please arrange for professional cleaning for stubborn stains.

How to Care For Burel Wool

You can simply use a lint roller to remove any unwanted dust or dry stains from the surface of the wool. For other staining, use a damp cloth to wipe the wool clean as water will not damage it. Please bear in mind that water will stain vegetable tanned leather so refrain from getting any leather details wet.

Leather Monogramming

How Do I Add Personalization To My Order?

You can select leather personalization and specify what you'd like on your item directly on the product page before adding the item to your cart. Please note, monogramming is only available on select items.

How Long Will It Take?

All orders, regardless of if they are personalized or not, take 7-10 business days to be completed and dispatched. Shipping time varies on your location.

What Does The Monogramming Look Like?

Debossing is when the stamp is pressed into the leather creating indented letters. Your personalized items will feature a blind deboss which means no color or ink is applied to the stamp, it is simply pressed into the surface of the leather creating a really clean and subtle finish. All personalization will be done with uppercase letters in a special font selected just for Maragold. You can see samples in the available product listings.

What Characters & Symbols Are Available?

Uppercase letters A-Z and dots to use in between initials if you choose. You may also use an upside down dot as an apostrophe! At this time, I do not have numbers or other symbols.

Do You Have Any Ideas For How I Can Personalize My Item?

Yes! Each product that can be personalized notes within the product description the maximum number of characters that can fit on that piece. Some ideas for personalization include:

- Single initial, with or without a dot (ex. J or J.)

- 2 initials, with or without dots (ex. JC or J.C.)

- 3 initials, with or without dots (ex. JMC or J.M.C.)

- A name with an absolute maximum of 8 characters

- A word (if you choose a word with an apostrophe, I will use an upside down dot - it looks good, I promise!)

Delivery & Returns

What Is Your Shipping Policy & How Long Will My Order Take To Arrive?

Please see the shop policies here and note that orders ship from London.

What Is Your Return & Exchange Policy?

Please see the shop policies here.

Can I Get My Order Gift Wrapped?

I am so honored that you are choosing to gift Maragold! By default, all orders are neatly wrapped and packaged, without a receipt. I am happy to include a handwritten gift note with your order, simply leave your desired message in the notes section at checkout or send an email to maragolddesigns@gmail.com and I will include it for you.


Other Things To Know

Wholesale Inquiries

If you think Maragold would be a good fit for your shop, I'd love to hear from you, no matter where you are in the world! Please contact maragolddesigns@gmail.com.

Press Inquiries

Thank you for your consideration. Please contact maragolddesigns@gmail.com for all press inquiries.

Product Photography

Due to the handmade nature and natural production processes behind both leather and wool that we use, natural variations and color inconsistencies may present themselves. We do our best to portray products on our website as accurately as possible but recognize that you may have additional inquiries. Please contact maragolddesigns@gmail.com with any questions.