View down a dirt road with stone wall in Puglia.

Maragold Travels: Puglia Photo Collection

As you've likely read by now, Puglia is the place that I keep coming back to as inspiration for my first collection of products. I only found it fitting to share with you some photographs of our time there with a brief introduction to the region as we experienced it!

My husband and I chose Puglia and Matera (which I will share in a separate post) in the Basilicata region as our honeymoon destination because of it's proximity to the ocean, its location in Italy.... and its relaxed atmosphere. It felt like the perfect combination of things we wished for in a honeymoon: great food, relaxation, time by the ocean, a little bit of sightseeing, and seeing a new place. We love that this corner of Italy still hasn't been overtaken by mass tourism (I think in part thanks to the difficulty in getting there) and set off to see what it was all about.

Collage of images from Masseria Il Frantoio in Puglia, Italy.

Places like this leave you speechless and utterly thankful for the gift of travel. It was Italy, but Italy unlike we've never experienced before. What I love about this country is that you can go to any of its 20 regions (I've only been to 8 but all 20 are on my bucket list!) and have an entirely different experience from other parts of the country.

Collage of images from Puglia, Italy.

Puglia has unspoiled beauty that is quite difficult to put into words. The locals were warm and welcoming and thankful that you were visiting their region. We weren't treated like tourists and that was such a relief that made our experience even more enjoyable. The cuisine, known as "cucina povera" was simple, fresh, wholesome and delicious as it relies on local produce and ingredients. We loved the Primitivo, Negroamaro, Fiano, and Verdeca wines. Though we're no connoisseurs, we found them delightful, different and a great value. The ancient ruins, beautiful Baroque architecture, quiet and uncrowded white-washed villages with vibrant decor of potted plants and succulents, the turquoise blue sea, vast olive groves, the sunsets! I could go on but instead I will leave you with a photo collection of some of our favorite moments and memories. Ciao!

Collage of images from Puglia, Italy.

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