A flatlay of 5 leather sunglasses sleeves in blue, olive green, black and light brown leather.

Your Must-Have Summer Accessory: The Leather Sunglasses Sleeve

Discover more about the design and creation of the Maragold Designs leather sunglasses sleeve, a must-have accessory to protect your sunnies this summer (and all year-round).

With one of the missions of Maragold being to inspire a mindset of quality over quantity, I'm always asking myself how I can elevate and simplify your everyday by creating pieces that will ultimately accompany you throughout your life. Pieces that will be there for the big moments and the "ordinary" ones. Pieces that you care about - designed and handcrafted especially for you, by me, from only the best materials.

Five leather sunglasses sleeves arranged diagonally with a pair of sunglasses.

The conceptualization of a Maragold design always begins with a consideration of how the things that we use everyday can be made better; to last longer and with more personality infused. The things we welcome into our lives should quite simply feel good. When you choose well and only buy things that you love, you become inclined to take better care of your belongings and consume more consciously.

With that - I looked at the branded case that came with my sunglasses when I purchased them and also thought about the pairs I've purchased in the past that didn't even come with one and voila. (Except not necessarily voila, it's never that easy!)

Taupe leather sunglasses sleeve in sunlight with shadow of palm, on striped linen and pictured with slim leather card holder.

The leather and wool sunglasses sleeve has quickly become one of Maragold's top sellers. It's perfect to keep on hand on a sunny day as you pop your sunglasses on and off - and of course, keeps your glasses safe and sound when you're not wearing them.

The leather sunglasses sleeve is also perfect for eyeglasses as either a nice-looking desk accessory or to keep in your bag or car as you swap between sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Black leather sunglasses sleeve with sunglasses inside.

I originally tested out two ideas for a sunglasses case, the other being a more traditional flap-closure style. However, once both were in my hands, I was instantly drawn to the ease-of-use, unique style and pop of color and texture that you get from the wool peeking out the top of the sleeve. The minimal design, clean lines and the way it fit in my hand just felt right. Bonus: The wool lining goes all the way around to protect your lenses no matter which way they're nestled into the case.

The sleeves are handstitched from Italian leathers, feature a pure Burel wool lining in a variety of color options and are finished with a tab and gold stud detail on the side.

Olive green and black leather sunglasses cases side by side showing close up of beige wool lining.

The sleek sleeve style was intentionally designed to save time and frustration in the little everyday micro-moments. Simply slide your shades into or out of their sleeve and off you go! It fits perfectly into a small crossbody bag (like the Convertible Crossbody which has been my go-to), into the pocket of a larger bag or backpack, or in the cupholder, door or center console of your car. My husband even carries his olive green and wheat sunglasses sleeve in his jacket pocket.

Image of man holding an olive green leather sunglasses sleeve on left and image of woman in black dress holding a black leather sunglasses sleeve on the right.
Woven market bag shown with leather sunglasses sleeve and card holder.

Perfect for the brighter (literally and figuratively) days we've been experiencing lately, I hope the sunglasses sleeves transports you to sunny places and that you enjoyed learning more about what went into the design.

Julianna xx

Back detail shot of leather sunglasses sleeves on striped linen.


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