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Marbled Leather Bookmarks

Marbled Leather Bookmarks

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Each leather bookmark is one-of-a-kind with a mesmerizing, marbled design. Cut into a sleek 'half moon' design, the marbled leather bookmark would make the perfect gift for any book lover.

Bookmarks with slight flaws, which happened during the marbling process, are priced accordingly. These items are still beautiful and perfectly functional!


1.25" x 7.25"


Not available for this item.

Materials & How It's Made

The leather is marbled which is a process of floating paints on top of water and then transferring the design to the leather. Each piece is mesmerizingly one-of-a-kind! After handpainting the leather, it is cut and then burnished to create smooth, clean edges.

Care Instructions

The marbled leather bookmark is handpainted and finished with a scratch and crack resistant top coat made especially for leather. It's made from natural vegetable tanned leather and therefore, it may darken into a pretty caramel tone as it ages. Keep away from water.

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