Collection: Samples & Seconds Studio Sale

The Studio Sale includes a items that are samples, were used in displays, are one-offs, end of line or imperfect. Each one was handcrafted by me, from the same beautiful quality leather and wool used in the rest of the collection. These pieces have served their purpose in enabling me to test and try new things, showcase my brand at makrts and on my website, and now they'll get a second lease on life with you!

Details and photos are included with each product listing. Please read carefully as these items are final sale.

  • DISPLAY: used in market or photography displays
  • SAMPLE: the initial piece made of a particular style/color, may have some small marks as it would've also been used for photography
  • ONE-OFF: one-of-a-kind pieces
  • END OF LINE: the last item(s) available of a discontinued style/color
  • IMPERFECT: these items have imperfections but are fully functional

5% off 2 products, 10% off 3 and 15% off 4+ (across the entire site)!